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How do I clean my Infinity?

We recommend to clean your bike regularly to guarantee the most efficient functioning of all its parts. Before cleaning the e-bike, remove the battery. Clean the bike with a detergent for bicycles and water. At the end use a sponge or wet cloth.

Please read carefully the precautions for motor and battery cleaning indicated below.


Before cleaning the e-bike, remove the battery. Use a damp cloth to clean the battery. The batteries are splash water protected. Cleaning with a direct water jet or immersion in water, however, are strictly prohibited and will void the warranty.

Motor and Infinity Control System.

The motor and Infinity Control System are waterproof, however, cleaning with a direct water jet or immersion in water are strictly prohibited and will void the warranty. It is not recommended either to use the below products for cleaning as it can increase wear and electronic equipment damage:

  • Liquids containing solvents
  • Detergents containing oil (except if applied to chain and transmission)
  • Detergents for brakes (except when applied to brake discs)
  • Detergents for chain (except when applied to chain)

How to take care of the bike?

Just like a car your bike needs regular maintenance to stay safe and reliable. Regular maintenance is key to the enjoyment and long life of your new Infinity ebike product:

  1. Regular cleaning of your bike.
  2. Chain maintenance:
    • The chain and the chain ring must be cleaned regularly and checked for wear in order to increase its durability.
    • The chain must be dry, so it has to be lubricated in time. Clean the dirty chain with a cloth. After it turn the chain ring counter-clockwise and apply oil on the inner side of the chain. Finally, clean the chain with a cloth from oil excess.
    • Check for broken or folded teeth in the chain ring every time you clean the bicycle. Their presence is often a reason for an incorrect change of gears, chain jumps and as a result an increased wear of the latter.
  3. Tyre pressure control and check for wear. Ensure that tyres are inflated to the recommended tyre pressure and worn tyres are changed in time.
  4. Brakes check:
    • Regardless how much you ride aim to bring your bike into a professional bike shop within a month after initially purchasing it. Cables and brakes take a little bit time to settle so you’ll enjoy your bike the most if it’s tuned up after a month of riding.
    • Squeezing your brakes down should feel solid and consistent – the lever should not touch the handlebar. If you feel that your brakes aren’t effective, get a professional to check them out.
  5. Battery maintenance:
    • Avoid excessive heating and do not store your Infinity battery and charger in the vicinity of heat sources or inflammable materials.
    • Always charge the battery in a dry place at room temperature away from direct light and heat sources close to the battery and the charger.
    • Before the first ride or after the battery has not been used for a long time, it must be fully charged.
    • Lithium-ion batteries have no charge memory, so do not fully discharge the battery before recharging. Try to charge the battery after every ride.
    • Avoid leaving the battery connected to the charger for long, even several hours, after completing the charging cycle (green LED).
    • When battery is not in use, always turn it off by placing the Power button in the OFF position.
    • If the battery is not used for a long period of time, store it at room temperature in a dry location and recharge it once per month. Due to Bluetooth the bike has a little power consumption even when switched off.
    • Let the battery warm up a bit before you charge it if you were riding in cold before.

Professional maintenance:

  1. If you’re a week-end or light rider try to take you bike to a professional service every quarter for check-up and maintenance. Whereas if you’re a daily rider try to take your bicycle to a professional service once a month for maintenance and necessary checks like brake oil levels, the condition of brake pads and tyres. Professional service will ensure that the internal parts like the crank set and wheel hubs get cleaned thoroughly.
  2. The professional check-up of the motor and the Control system should take place every 7000-10000 km depending on your standard routes. In case of hilly routes the check-up should be done earlier than for plain routes.


What is covered by warranty?

Infinity ebike provides a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the original retail purchaser (“Owner”) of an Infinity ebike product from the date of purchase according to the following terms:

  • Two Years: Frame, Fork, Wheels, Motor, Controller;
  • Eighteen Months: Battery;
  • Other: Any other parts or components are covered by the stated warranty of the original manufacturer of that part or component.

The Owner shall demonstrate reasonable care and use, and follow preventive maintenance, storage, and lubrication schedules as required by use, climate, and other pertinent factors. Should a product defect become known, the Owner should stop riding the bicycle/using the system and immediately inform about the defect with a detailed description about the issue and photo and/or video materials if possible. The transport of the bike/ bike part or the system to the dealer or Infnity ebike service center is the Owner’s responsibility and at the Owner’s expense.

Delivery damages should be noted and signed on the delivery act. In case of delivery damages, Infinity ebike should be informed right after the arrival of the package. A detailed description of the damage together with the photo proof of the latter are required.

Proof of purchase must be supplied with any warranty request.

Infinity ebike will repair or replace any parts that manifest a defect in materials and/or workmanship during the warranty period. Any component that is replaced pursuant to this warranty will be replaced by original component or equivalent component.

What are warranty exclusions?

The warranty does not cover damage and/or defects that occur under the following conditions:

  • If a product has been used, ridden, handled, maintained or overloaded in a manner that does not abide by the product specifications and intended use.
  • Normal wear and tear. Parts are subject to varying wear life depending on use, load, weather, road conditions, etc.
  • If a product has been re-assembled and modified, repaired or maintained by personnel not authorized by Infinity ebike.
  • If a product has been subjected to fire, flood, accidental breakage, improper actions by third parties.

What to do if there is a problem?

Should a product defect become known and the product was acquired via dealer please contact your dealer. In case of a direct purchase please contact Infinity ebike as soon as possible with the description of a problem at