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What is Infinity Control System?

Infinity Control System is the in-house hardware on the base of PLC (programmable logic controller). This is the unit that with the frequency of more than 10 times per second sends commands to the motor regarding the required assist level. Infinity Control System is positioned between the motor and the battery and connected to them with cables.
Together with the in-house software Infinity Control System permits to monitor and adjust energy consumption, check the heart rate, switch between riding modes and lots more.
Both Infinity Control System and the Smartphone App are fully developed by in-house team of Engineers and Programmers.

How do I control my bike?

Infinity e-bikes as well as e-Race system are completely managed via a customized Smartphone application. The App permits either to choose a preset riding modes or customise the assist according to your needs.
You need to download the app first and login to activate your Infinity.
With the App you can control the battery status, calories burnt, speed, heart rate, elevation gain and other parameters. Navigate with built-in maps, save and share your rides with Infinity Ride Club.

What are the riding modes?

There’re two main riding modes: Power and Cardio.

In Power riding mode the motor provides a fixed assistance in terms of watts and not the speed. You can manually select the desired assistance level ranging from 20% to 100% of the maximum motor power using the App.  Read more about Power riding mode.

In Cardio riding mode the motor assistance is automatically adjusted by Infinity Control System based on the cyclist’s heart rate and pre-selected training program (it is possible to use cardio modes only with a BT Smart sensor, like Polar, Wahoo, Garmin etc, paired with the Smartphone). Read more about Cardio Assist.  

What is Cardio Assist?

It is an innovative system that adjusts the motor power based on you heart rate level. The higher heartbeat you get, the more assistance you receive from the motor.
Infinity team of engineers and programmers has developed hardware and software that put into practice a simple concept that heart rate level is directly proportional to the effort made by cyclist.
Therefore, as the effort increases, the motor assistance increases as well, and, thanks to a continuous bio-feedback, this smart assist keeps the heart rate stable within the selected training program. Read more about Cardio Assist.

Why does Infinity ebike keep me FIT?

There are several reasons for it:

  1. There’re no riding modes with constant speed. All the riding modes are fitness oriented.
  2. Cardio riding mode introduced by Infinity offers the most efficient way of training. Read more about Cardio Assist.
  3. Power riding mode permits you to join any group of cyclists no matter how strong they are and get the same work out as they do while getting a fixed motor assistance in terms of watts and not the speed. You will be able to go at the speed of the group, but will feel all the climbs, change in wind and surface same way as cyclists without assist.
    Read more about Power riding mode.

Where can I download the App?

Application for Android devices is available at Playstore and for iPhone and iPod at the Apple store. Simply click the buttons below.

infinity ebike app store infinity ebike playstore

Can I use the bike without smartphone?

It is possible to use your bike without smartphone depending on the mode that you choose.

If you are to ride in Power mode and don’t need to observe parameters of your ride you would need your smartphone just in the beginning to set the assistance level, after what you can put it aside. Infinity Control System would manage the motor assistance independently.

In Cardio riding mode instead, you would need your Smartphone to be always active, since the information on the heart rate is transmitted directly from the phone to Infinity Control System.

What is Infinity Ride Club?

It’s a dedicated platform for Infinity ebike users with the personal area where you can download and review all the workouts and rides made with your Infinity. In addition, you can automatically share all your activities to Strava.