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Which bikes are compatible with e-Race System?

The majority of bicycles with a quick release rear wheel mount are compatible with the e-Race System. However it is the authorised installer who can give the definitive confirmation of the compatibility.

What is the weight of e-Race System?

The total weight of e-Race System depends on the model of the motor and the battery capacity. The below table provides an overview on e-Race System total weight. Don’t forget that the final addition in weight to your bike should be calculated as the total weight of e-Race system minus 350g which the average weight of the rear hub. The latter gets substituted with the motor during installation process.

Battery capacity

Pack 250 Pack 370

Motor type

250W08 3,1 kg 3,7 kg
250W11 3,6 kg 4,2 kg


Why e-Race system adds 1.5kg only to the weight of my bike?

E-Race System includes extralight components. The total weight of the system with the small battery and the 250W08 motor is 3,1kg. After the system is mounted it adds 2,7kg only as the rear hub of your bike gets removed and substituted with the motor. The battery is not integrated and can be easily taken away, so if you want to pedal yourself you simply leave the battery at home. In this case your bike has 1,5kg only to its original weight.

What is the difference in 250W08 and 250W11 motors?

The 250W08 motor reaches the maximum torque at 135 wheel revolutions per minute, while the 250W11 motor reaches it at 80 wheel revolutions per minute. It means that the 250W08 motor is more recommended for routes with climbs not exceeding 10% inclination and for cyclists who weigh less than 85kg, while the 250W11 motor is supposed to be used for hilly routes with incline exceeding 10%.
Apart from the difference in recommended use the 250W08 motor is 500g lighter and 30mm narrower in diameter than the motor 250W11.

Where can I buy it?

Infinity e-Race system can be acquired exclusively via authorised dealers. Please visit our page with distributors. In case there is not yet a distributor present in your country please send us a request directly.

Is it possible to try the system?

There should be such a possibility at the authorised dealers shops. Please contact the official distributors for your country who will advise the dealer closest to your home with this service.

What is the speed limit?

By default, the speed limit is set at 25km/h.
It will be able to change it via smartphone App to the max speed of 35 km/h*. Please note that by doing so you will be taking the full responsibility for using the bike on public roads.

*The function will be available for the new App release scheduled for Dec’18.