Zero X Fitness Commuting


Zero X is an e-bike born for fitness and at the same time perfect for commuting. Sporty geometry for aggressive and highly responsive ride, balloonbike tires for extra comfort and exceptional weight of 12.6 kg make it an outstanding urban e-bike. The key element that turns Zero X so unique is its heart, Infinity ebike Control System. It makes every ride fitness-oriented and offers a possibility of cardio assist.

Wolf in sheepskin

With the motor positioned in the rear hub, the battery perfectly camouflaged in the bottle cage and only two connecting cables for Infinity Control System no one would think that Zero X is an electric bike supporting you with 250W. Zero X remains stylish while being electric.

Multi-Purpose bike

Zero X has a sporty geometry, but the graphics is sober and elegant. The choice of every single component makes it the only urban e-bike with a sportive heart. Thanks to Infinity ebike Control System and personalized programs developed for Smartphone App, you can now exercise outside the gym by riding Zero X. Explore the city and the countryside in the most pleasant and healthy way.
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Weight does Matter


Carefully selected high-end components and the choice of the main parts in Carbon T800 made it possible to reach a record low weight of only 12.6 kg, including pedals and battery. That makes Zero X not only 40% lighter than the average e-bike, but also easy to lift and carry for everyone.

High-End Components

Attention to details

Groupset: Transmission is entrusted to the last generation system of Sram NX 1×11 that has 11 speeds and just one gear shifter situated near the right grip.

Breaks: Formula C1 hydraulic disc brakes offer a quality standard above average, smooth scrolling of the levers and a more efficient braking thanks to the oversized pistons and organic brake pads.

Balloonbike Tires:  G-One Schwalbe tyres have a natural damping effect substituting any complicated suspension technology and making the bike lighter.


E-bike that keeps you FIT

All the riding modes are fitness oriented. Under the basic Power mode the motor provides a fixed assistance in terms of watts and not the speed. The level of assist can be modified any time, but within the same assist level cyclist has to pedal more himself in order to cope with any changing conditions preventing him from maintaining the same speed such as wind, hills, change in terrain.

Technology Of The Future

Advanced control via App

Full control over the bike via Smartphone App with high level of personalisation. Choose from preset riding modes or customise the assist according to your needs. Hold in check the battery status, calories burnt, speed, heart rate, elevation gain and other parameters. Navigate with built-in maps, save and share your rides with Infinity Ride Club.
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Cardio Assist

Heart Rate = Assist Level

The higher heartbeat you get, the more assistance you receive from the motor – that is how the cardio riding mode functions. It is either possible to choose the max HR that shouldn’t be exceeded or a HR Zone within which the heartbeat should remain during the ride and the motor will adjust accordingly. Not only useful for people with heart diseases, but it’s also the most efficient mode for training.


Frame/Fork/Handlebar/Seatpost UD Carbon T800
Groupset Sram NX 1×11
Brakes Formula C1 Hidraulic disc
Rims UD Carbon T800
Tyres Schwalbe G-ONE 2.35’’
Grips TAQ G3 leather Ergo Grip
Weight 12.6 kg
Finish Naked Carbon with Red or Grey logos and paints
Battery Pack 250 or Pack 370 Li-ion battery
Motor 250W brushless rear hub motor
Autonomy 50-150 km depending on assist mode and battery model
Hardware In-house Control System Infinity ebike
Software Smarphone App Infinity ebike
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
EU Regulation Pedelec EN 15194:2009+A1:2011

Cyclist 155 – 165 cm


Top horizontal tube 565 mm
Head tube lenght 90 mm
Head tube angle 71°
Seat tube angle 73°
Bottom bracket – rear hub 430 mm
Rear hub – front hub lenght 1047 mm
Bottom bracket – front hub 625,4 mm
Reach 390 mm

                    Cyclist 162 – 175 cm


Top horizontal tube 593  mm
Head tube lenght 100 mm
Head tube angle 71°
Seat tube angle 73°
 Bottom bracket – rear hub 430 mm
Rear hub – front hub lenght 1078 mm
Bottom bracket – front hub 655 mm
414 mm

                                              Cyclist 173 – 185 cm


Top horizontal tube 620 mm
Head tube lenght 115 mm
Head tube angle 71°
Seat tube angle 73°
 Bottom bracket – rear hub 430 mm
Rear hub – front hub lenght 1105 mm
Bottom bracket – front hub 682 mm
Reach 437 mm

                                                                      Cyclist 185 – 201 cm


Top horizontal tube 643 mm
Head tube lenght 130 mm
Head tube angle 71°
Seat tube angle 73°
 Bottom bracket – rear hub 430 mm
Rear hub – front hub lenght 1131 mm
Bottom bracket – front hub 708 mm
458 mm