0 – 250 Watt


The first transformation KIT that independently manages the thrust of the engine to give you the right amount of assistance which translates into an agile and natural pedaling.

You will always struggle but in the right way!

A unique feature of the Infinity 1ON system is the electronic management of the engine thrust according to the power distributed to the wheel. Using the Infinity RS App or the handlebar control (optional) the cyclist can choose how much assistance to receive from the engine. Unlike the systems that modulate the thrust of the engine giving you a power proportional to the thrust on the pedals, the KIT 1ON guarantees you a constant and natural thrust. In practice the Kit 1ON supports us as that hand of the companion that helps us in the most demanding climbs. That hand that we only notice when it is removed.


Training with constant engine support can be effective in multiple situations, such as:

  1. The classic ride with some friends
  2. Constant power training
  3. Increased assistance to tackle demanding climbs
  4. HRW function to modulate the motor power according to the heart rate

In the first case, for example, you can find yourself in the situation that your teammates are slightly more trained than you and therefore you just need to set the difference in Watts that separates you from the training status of the others to enjoy the ride.

All our users periodically provide us with feedback regarding THEIR personal way of using the Infinity 1ON System. This allows us to continuously improve the user experience and driving pleasure.

Using the Infinity RS App you can set increasing levels of assistance ranging from 50 to 250 Watts . If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the handy handlebar control, you can select 5 assistance levels.

Infinity POWER mode


By acting on the + and  buttons on the lower part of the Infinity RS application it will be possible to set the motor assistance with multiples of 25 Watts .

For convenience, the motor assistance is displayed as a percentage of the maximum power of 250 watts. Eg:

Motor Assistance 30% corresponds to about 75 Watts of motor power

Motor Assistance 80% corresponds to about 200 Watts of motor power

If you want to use the handlebar control, you can always use the Infinity RS App to view other information and modulate the engine assistance when necessary by pressing the buttons on the control.

Infinity power mode




App view

Type of assistance

Handlebar Remote

0% = Zero Watt

The engine does not start, you will have the feeling of pedaling on your bike but simply with 2.5 kg more.

Level: 0

20% = 50 Watt

The engine activates at minimum level, you have the feeling that the bike is lighter and easier to pedal.

Level: 1

30% = 75 Watt

Intermediate level only with Infinity RS App.

40% = 100 Watt

Together with Level 3 it is the most used mode. It allows you to have an excellent compromise between the amount of assistance and battery consumption.

Level: 2

50% = 125 Watt

Intermediate level only with Infinity RS App.

60% = 150 Watt

A little more power than the lower level, in addition to assistance, consumption also starts to increase. We recommend alternating with Level 2 on the most demanding climbs.

Level: 3

70% = 175 Watt

Intermediate level only with Infinity RS App.

80% = 200 Watt

Increase your power to face 90% of the climbs in agility or at least by giving your strengths better.

Level: 4

90% = 225 Watt

Intermediate level only with Infinity RS App.

100% = 250 Watt

Maximum power and consumption, we can get to the top quickly but pay attention to consumption.

Level: 5


Battery status and total consumption

The battery charge status and the amount of Wh consumed can be viewed in the center of the App start screen and at the top after starting the workout . Using a 250 Wh Battery Pack you usually have about 90% of the nominal value available. Therefore displaying a value between 100Wh and 120Wh  indicates that roughly we have used about half the battery capacity.

Large command buttons

The lower part of the application is responsible for controlling the main functions of the 1ON-HMI Control Unit. In Power Mode by pressing the + and  buttons it will be possible to instantly change the engine power. In the center there is the button that allows you to pause the workout and view the summary screen to then resume or end the lap.

If we have associated a Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor, the HRW1 and HRW2 buttons will also appear on the sides of the POWER button, which allow you to switch to one of the preset cardio modes

Essential information

By listening to the comments and advice of our users, we have reduced the information displayed during the training session to a minimum.

In addition to the control functions of your E-Road Bike, you can view the instantaneous speed, the distance traveled and the stopwatch. In addition, by wearing a bluetooth cardio sensor it will also be possible to view the instant heart rate and the total calories consumed.

Continuous assistance based on your heart rate and proportional to the effort you are making.