HRW or Heart Rate Watt, is the special function of your Infinity 1ON system that allows you to modulate the assistance according to your heart rate.

At the base of this innovative function lies the fundamental principle, which all clickers know, that  the heart rate is directly proportional to the effort.

Heart rate values ​​correspond to each age and fitness level which can be:

  1. poorly trained
  2. average trainers
  3. overly training
  4. harmful to health and post-workout recovery

Infinity has developed a system that allows you to manage your effort and training performance to the best of your ability whether you want to resume training after a long period of inactivity, or that you want to gradually improve your fitness without giving up the pleasure of the climbs, whether you want to follow more trained companions than you and whether you want to return to enjoy those paths that you did only when your fitness allowed you to.



The Infinity RS App allows you to associate any Bluetooth Smart sensor for detecting heart rate. In this way your Smartphone becomes the communication interface between you and your bike equipped with the Infinity 1ON Kit .

Your heart rate is sent every second to the 1On-HMI control unit which increases or decreases the thrust watts of the motor .

After pairing the BT heart rate sensor , the HRW1 and HRW2 buttons will appear on the main screen of the App, allowing you to activate the Cardio functions.

HRW Mode


In the HRW Settings section  of the Infinity RS App it is possible to change the activation interval of the motor according to the heart rate detected.

Following the advice of our most passionate users, we have made it easier to use the cardio function by giving you the opportunity to customize 2 heart rate intervals:


HRW1 e HRW2.

By activating one of the HRW modes , the system will provide you with a minimum of constant assistance which corresponds to about 50 Watts.

As long as your heart rate does not reach the minimum value set for the respective HRW mode, the motor assistance will always be at minimum.

When your heart rate exceeds the set HR min value , the engine thrust will begin to increase up to the maximum thrust power of 250 Watts when the cardio sensor you wear detects a heart rate equal to or greater than that of the mode HRW selected.



HRW1 Per riscaldamento e recupero


The HRW1 mode button is located to the left of the POWER button on both the HOME and operational screens after pressing the START button to start the workout.

Both for the mode HRW1 that for the mode HRW2 the choice of the values of minimum and maximum heart rate to activate the motor can be customized.

You can choose what to set based on your athletic experience or get advice from an athletic trainer who can also evaluate the quality of your workout at the end of the tour through the summary on  Infinity Ride Club .


We recommend setting the HR values ​​of HRW1 mode so that they are set for a warm-up or recovery phase at the end of the workout. In both of these conditions it is a good idea not to exceed the effort and in the first case to better prepare the muscles in order to gradually reach the heart rate in the optimal conditions to subsequently manage a more intense physical effort.

For example, a 50-year-old with a resting heart rate of 62 bpm will have a maximum heart rate of 172 [205.8 – (0.685 x 50)] and a range of HR for aerobic exertion between 115 and 143 beats per minute. Therefore, for the heating and recovery phase, the values ​​of the HRW1 mode can be set as follows:

HR Min HRW1 = 110 bpm

HR Max HRW1 = 140 bpm

In this way, the Infinity 1On system will allow us to maintain, during the heating phase, a frequency that on average oscillates between the values ​​of 125 and 135.





The HRW2 mode button is located to the right of the POWER button on both the HOME and operational screens after pressing the START button to start the workout.


For you who want to go a little further and have fun raising your heart to increase the engine thrust consequently, the HRW2 mode could be for you.


Or you can choose to use it for the central phase of training when the heart remains in the highest part of the cardiac area of ​​aerobic training.


What are the most suitable values ​​to set the HRW2 assistance mode, you are always the one to decide it based on your training condition and possibly following the advice of your athletic trainer.

Considering the same condition used for the HRW1 mode, a fifty year old cyclist in good health with a FC Max of 172 bmp, we can recommend setting the values ​​for the HRW2 mode in this way:

HR Min HRW2 = 125 bpm

HR Min HRW = 155 bpm

In this way you will feel more fatigue and the engine will intervene with more power only when the HR has reached or exceeded the limit of aerobic effort.

We always recommend keeping a difference of at least 20 bpm between the minimum and maximum heart rate value of the HRW mode, in order to allow the engine to better modulate the delivery of the thrust.


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