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Infinity ebike Carbon Fitness

Commuting and Fitness

Zero X is an e-bike born for fitness but at the same time perfect for commuting. Sporty geometry for aggressive and highly responsive ride. Balloon bike tires for extra comfort.

Infinity ebike Carbon Fitness

For Your Race bike

Infinity e-Race system is the easiest way to transform your road bike into the most intelligent electric bike with the minimal addition in weight. No damage to the clean lines of your bike.

Infinity ebike Carbon Fitness


Zero Y e-Gravel is fast and durable to travel on and off road. High adaptability, versatility, and ruggedness make it a perfect performer on any sort of terrain and surfaces.

E-bikes that keep you FIT



Weight is one of the most important parameters for bicycles. With Infinity e-bikes you don’t need to worry about it. Complete e-bike weigh from 12,4kg to 12,6kg depending on the model, while the transformation system adds 1,5kg only to the weight of your own race bike.

Technology of the Future

It’s not just about the Smartphone App with which you control the e-bike. It’s about the first multi-purpose e-bike that makes you fit, riding modes never seen before and outstanding level of personalization that guarantees a unique riding experience.

Cardio Assist

Infinity offers you a cardio riding mode. The motor assistance is based on your heart rate level. The higher heartbeat you get, the more assistance you receive from the motor. Not only useful for people with heart diseases, but also the most efficient mode for training.

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