The Urban Electric Revolution

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The Infinity E-Bike is an electric pedal assisted cardio-controlled bicycle equipped with high-end components. It is the lightest e-bike in its segment, which only weights 12.9 kg.

The frame, fork and supports of this Urban bike with aggressive lines are made entirely of Carbon Fiber High module T800.

The Frame has a “sloping” geometry and straight lines, which not only ensures a nice aesthetic effect, but also improves the mechanical and elastic properties of the structure. The gear and the braking system cables pass internally and it represents an absolute novelty in carbon frames of the recent years, which makes the whole bike much more aesthetically attractive.


The Tapered Head Tube grants greater stability and accuracy in curves and when slowing down, moreover it provides a more harmonious transition from the frame to the fork. The Fork is also made of carbon fiber which helps to better absorb the roughness of the road. The latter is achieved due to the intrinsic elastic properties of the carbon and also due to the fact that for the 29-inch wheels the angle of contact between the wheel and the road is smaller than for the 26-inch wheels. In this way the bike slides and rolls much smoother and gets excellent shock absorption.

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The stem, handlebar, and seat post were selected according to their elastic and mechanical properties in order to improve the riding comfort and the positioning on the bike. TAQ G3 leather grips and saddle “Wittkop” Velodrome Black Edition are designed to offer the maximum ergonomics and riding pleasure.

The transmission is entrusted to the last generation system of Sram NX 1×11 that has 11 speeds and just one gear shifter situated near the right grip, that allows you to quickly change the transmission ratio between the rotation of the pedals and the rotation of the wheel.

Light aluminum alloy of 7000 series used for SRAM NX 32T pedals greatly reduces the overall weight of the bicycle.

title-brake-c1The Formula C1 hydraulic disc brake offers a quality standard above average, smooth scrolling of the levers and a more efficient braking thanks to the oversized pistons and organic brake pads.
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balloonbikesThe Schwalbe Big ONE tires complete this fantastic bike and outline its Urban character. Big ONE is the tire that works as a natural shock absorber due to the effect of air cushion (BALLON BIKE). Inflated to 1.5-2 bars (depending on the weight of cyclist) it turns round smoothly with an impressive cushioning effect.                    ERGONOMICS
Furthermore the saddle “Wittkop” Velodrome Black Edition and the TAQ G3 grips has an ergonomic design that helps to avoid tingling in the arms and legs and to make the riding comfortable with any type of clothing.


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The Lithium Ion battery of your Infinity comes completely unnoticed perfectly camouflaged in the bottle cage

Available in two versions of 250 Wh and 375 Wh Li-Ion battery of 1.1 kg and 1.6 kg respectively.

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EU Regulation: Pedelec EN 15194:2009+A1:2011

Weight: 12,9 kg (28,3 pounds) incl. battery of 250 Wh

Autonomy: 50-150 km depending on the effective assistance level and battery capacity

Frame and Fork: Lightweight Carbon Fiber T800 High Module

Motor: 250W brushless rear hub motor (35 Nm Maximum Output Torque)

Tires: Schwalbe Big ONE 29 x 2,3 inch (BalloonBike effect – Unpierceable up to 5 mm)

Saddle: Wittkop Velodrome Black Edition

Transmission: Sram NX 1×11

Cassette 11-42T – Crankset 32T


Version in Carbon: Carbon Rims UD T800 Wide Hookless, Front Hub Novatec QR, Rear Hub Motor 250W (Max weight of the cyclist – 95 kg)

Version in Alluminum: DTSwiss E512, Front Hub Novatec QR, Rear Hub Motor 250W

Battery: Bottlelike battery of 250Wh or 375 Wh

Brakes: Formula C1 hydraulic disc brakes 160/160mm.

Grips: TAQ G3 leather Ergo Grip

 Geometries and Sizes


162 – 175 cm


162 – 175 cm


173 – 185 cm


180 – 201 cm


Geometrie telaio infinity e-bike


Top horizontal tube (A)

Head tube lenght (H)

Head tube angle (I)

Seat tube angle (J)

 Bottom bracket – rear hub (C)

Rear hub – front hub lenght (F)

Bottom bracket – front hub (E)

Reach (L)


 565 mm

90 mm



430 mm

1047 mm

625,4 mm

390 mm


593  mm

100 mm



430 mm

1078 mm

655 mm

414 mm


620 mm

 115 mm



430 mm

1105 mm

682 mm

437 mm


643 mm

130 mm



430 mm

1131 mm

708 mm

458 mm