11th May 2016

Power Control

Power Control riding modes

All the riding modes of the Power Control section generate a fixed motor assistance which doesn’t depend on the instant cyclist’s speed, which makes it possible to precisely calculate the hours of autonomy.

The preset riding modes Eco and Tour provide fixed motor assistance of 40 Watts and 80 Watts respectively which ensures approximately 6 hours of the autonomy for the Eco mode and about 3 hours for the Tour mode assuming the 250 Wh battery is used.

training mode


In this mode the engine is preset to work with the minimum consumption, which together with the battery of 250Wh guarantees the autonomy of 6 hours. This mode is designed for long rides and flat routes.


80 Watts of constant assistance from the motor ensures you an easy and fast pedaling on any type of the slope! This mode is recommended for medium to long distances and routes with variable inclination.

Target Power

You’re free to decide how exactly your Infinity should assist you, just select the actual Watts of power you need.

You might go out for a ride together with a friend or a group of friends that are trained better than you are. In this case you simply select the watts’ difference requested and you’re able to train with your companions putting in the same amount of effort and going at the same speed with them. For more information click here.

1. Power Bar: is the indicator that reflects the instantaneous motor boost and can range from green to red passing yellow and orange colors.

power bar

2. Mode Status: indicates the selected mode (in City section it is possible to choose out of Walk, Run and Turbo).

mode status

3. Battery Status: indicator of the battery charge.

battery status

4. Chronometer: indicates the total time of ride (activated with the Start button on the summary screen and paused by pressing the “BACK” button for Android devices or a dedicated button on the top of the screen for iOS devices).


5. Motor Speed: indicates the motor rotation speed in percentage (can be a useful reference for the Power Control and Cardio Training modes, in which the engine speed is continuously adjusted on the base of the push on the pedals and the instantaneous speed of the cyclist).


motor speed

6. Energy Consumption: indicates the amount of energy drawn from the battery in Watt/h. Your Infinity can be equipped with batteries of different capacity: 250 Wh and 375 Wh. Coming in addition to the battery status this parameter is much more precise to determine the actual consumption of Infinity e-bike.

energy consumption

7. Slope: indicates the slope of the road, expressed in %.


8. Altitude: indicates the altitude detected by the GPS of your smartphone (iOS or Android).


9. Tachymeter: indicates the instant speed detected by the GPS of your smartphone (iOS or Android).


10. Odometer: shows the distance calculated by the GPS of your smartphone (iOS or Android).


11. Elev. Gain: indicates the positive altitude calculated based on the route registered via GPS of your smartphone (iOS or Android).

elev gain

12. Total Calories: indicates the number of Calories burnt during training, it is necessary to use together with cardio sensor (Polar H7). The system returns the calorie consumption values based on age, gender and effort applied during the training, the latter is measured on the base of heart rate. It is necessary to fill in personal details in the “Options” section of your profile.

13. HR Max: indicates the maximum heart rate frequency registered during training.

14. HR: indicates the instant heart rate frequency.

15. Mode Selector: permits to choose one of the riding modes of the Power Control segment (Eco – T Power – Tour).

Choosing the T Power (Target Power) mode two buttons (+ and -) appear instead of Eco and Tour buttons, permitting to set the desired Watt assistance that you would like to receive from your Infinity.


T Power Selector