11th May 2016

Clean your bike


Attention: Before to start any cleaning of the Infinity the battery must be disconnected and removed from its cage. All connection cables are Waterproof. Before reconnecting the battery check that the cable and the connecting JACK are completely dry to avoid potential damage to the electronic system.

How to clean Infinity:

Clean the Infinity with a detergent for bicycles and water. At the end use a sponge or wet cloth.

Make sure that during cleaning no liquids enter into the battery or other electrical components. Do not clean the Infinity immersing it in water or using water jets under pressure. In particular, if you use water jets under pressure it is possible that water and the detergent goes into the components and in the waterproof jacks and damage them.

The motor and electronic components are waterproof, but it is not recommended to use the below products on them as it can increase wear and electronic equipment damage:

– Liquids containing solvents
– Detergents containing oil (except if applied to chain and transmission)
– Detergents for brakes (except when applied to brake discs)
– Detergents for chain (except when applied to chain)

Failure to follow the care instructions can cause damage to the bearings, electronic components and electrical connectors.

Cleaning the battery:

Use a dry cloth to clean the battery. Pay attention not to touch or connect the battery contacts. This may cause damage to the battery or personal injury.