11th May 2016

Cardio Control

INFINITY heart rate control system

heart rate mode

The heart rate monitor is the instrument that determines the heart rate or the number of times that the heart beats per minute. Our heart rate is closely related to the physical effort we are making and with our basic physical abilities.

During the physical exercise the heart rate increases to allow a greater supply of oxygen and sugars to muscles. The more intense is the effort, the higher the pulse is. However there is a limit beyond which the heart rate can’t go, the latter is called the maximum heart rate.

Although this parameter is physiological and variable from person to person, there is a formula that can be used to calculate the theoretical maximum heart rate of an athlete. The discovery of this formula dates back to more than 30 years and relates the HR (heart rate) to the age of the subject according to the rule of KARVONEN named after the Finnish scientist who elaborated it for the first time:

HRMAX = 220 – AGE

Based on these parameters an individual of 40 years will have for example a maximum heart rate of 180 bpm (beats per minute).

Obviously this is a purely theoretical value, but it is important as a reference, still further corrections for daily variability and athletic conditions should be taken into consideration, as they might cause a deviation of 15% from the theoretical HR Max value.

There are primarily five heart rate zones which should be considered when a training program is chosen, based on the personal goals to be achieved.

Such zones were defined according to the HR-Max and each zone corresponds to a specific effort and a specific workout capacity.


INFINITY heart rate training zones

Selecting one of these zones with the Infinity mobile application you can train keeping your heart rate steady.

Zone 1 (GREEN ZONE) : 55-65 % of the HR-Max

Workout Zone perfect for losing weight and burning fat.

Zone 2 (AEROBIC CAPACITY): 65-75% of the HR-Max

Workout Zone ideal for optimizing the efficiency of cardiovascular system.

Zone 3 (ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD): 75-85% of the HR-Max

Training zone ideal for strengthening the muscle capacity and the intense effort resistance.

Zone 4 (RED ZONE): 85-95% of the HR-Max

Workout Zone at the maximum intensity, sustainable only for short periods.

HRWS training mode

The HRWS mode (Heart Rate Watt System) allows you to manage the effort by selecting the Maximum Heart Rate at which you want to get the maximum power from the Infinity e-Bike.

For example by setting your maximum heart rate at 135 bpm, which corresponds to the upper limit of the Aerobic capacity Zone, you will receive assistance gradually with the minimal magnitude at the heart rate corresponding to your resting state and with the maximum power received when the heart rate of 135 bpm is reached. The function that determines the relationship between the motor assistance and your instant heart rate is not linear, but exponential studied by INFINITY to ensure you ride an electric bike without actually realizing that you get assistance from the engine.

Unlike training under HRWS mode in the mode of the INFINITY heart rate Zones the system will not let your heart rate go out of the selected range/Zone by automatically adjusting the level of motor assistance.  In this way you can be sure that training corresponds to the targeted workout. Real time training monitoring is also available under this mode in your member area.

Sport HRWS (Heart Rate Watt System)

Choose the HRWS mode and let the Infinity during the whole training session determine and adjust the motor assistance based on your heart rate level.

Sport HRZone 1 – HRZone 2 – HRZone 3 – HRZone 4

These modes oriented to sport and fitness will make you train within the selected cardiac area optimizing your training session.

1. Power Bar: is the indicator that reflects the instantaneous motor boost and can range from green to red passing yellow and orange colors.

power bar

2. Mode Status: indicates the selected mode (in City section it is possible to choose out of Walk, Run and Turbo).

3. Battery Status: indicator of the battery charge.

battery status

4. Chronometer: indicates the total time of ride (activated with the Start button on the summary screen and paused by pressing the “BACK” button for Android devices or a dedicated button on the top of the screen for iOS devices).

5. Motor Speed: indicates the motor rotation speed in percentage (can be a useful reference for the Power Control and Cardio Control modes, in which the engine speed is continuously adjusted on the base of the push on the pedals and the instantaneous speed of the cyclist).

6. Energy Consumption: indicates the amount of energy drawn from the battery in Watt/h. Your Infinity can be equipped with batteries of different capacity: 250 Wh and 375 Wh. Coming in addition to the battery status this parameter is much more precise to determine the actual consumption of Infinity e-bike.

7. Total Calorie: indicates the number of Calories burnt during training, it is necessary to use together with cardio sensor (Polar H7). The system returns the calorie consumption values based on age, gender and effort applied during the training, the latter is measured on the base of heart rate. It is necessary to fill in personal details in the “Options” section of your profile.

8. HR Max: indicates the maximum heart rate frequency registered during training.

9. HR: indicates the instant heart rate frequency.

10. HRW (Heart Rate Watt): indicates the instant support in Watt (power) received from the motor, which comes as a function of the cyclists’ heart rate frequency determined by Infinity Heart Rate Control formula.

11. HR Zone: indicates the current HR zone based on the instant heart rate frequency, calculated based on age and gender.

12. Odometer: shows the distance calculated by the GPS of your smartphone (iOS or Android).

13. Elev. Gain: indica il dislivello positivo calcolato in base al percorso calcolato tramite il GPS del proprio smartphone (iOS o Android).

14.  Tachymeter: indicates the instant speed detected by the GPS of your smartphone (iOS or Android).

hr tachimeter

15. Mode Selector: permits to choose one of the riding modes of the Cardio Control segment. Touching the heart icon activates the HRW cardio mode, it is possible then to switch between other Cardio modes using (+) and (-) buttons.