It listens to your heart

Technological Innovation

An extraordinary electric bicycle with unique characteristics


The frame, fork and support of this Urban bike with aggressive lines are made entirely of Carbon Fiber High module T800.

Go to Fitness wristband

Fitness wristband

The first electric bike in the world that integrates the daily monitoring of physical activity and adjusts the motor power accordingly. Heart rate, quantity and quality of sleep, pedometer and calorie counter.

Go to custom power selection

custom power selection

ECO, TOUR, CITY are the modes that might be chosen via the Infinity application. Additionally special modes like TARGET POWER and HRWS are available.

Go to heart rate watt system

heart rate watt system

Choose the HRWS mode and let the Infinity during the whole training session determine and adjust the motor assistance based on your heart rate level.

...give a human a bicycle
and the human becomes the most efficient animal on the planet...

E-bike controlled via smartphone

An absolute novelty in the world of e-bikes with its own in-house hardware and software permitting the cyclist to personalize his own training modes
Variety of modes both for city riding and training

Infinity is the top of the line in urban electric bicycles and at the same time with its very aggressive and attractive lines combined with comfort of balanced and dynamic riding it can be also considered as a road bike. The heart that beats in this e-bike is strong enough to sustain long week-end rides as well as to face traffic of any big city.

Infinity is equipped with a 250-watt (600 watts peak) brushless motor of the "hub geared" type with efficiency greater than 85%.

The own custom electronic control system (PLC) and software permits to monitor and adjust energy consumption, check the heart rate, switch between riding modes and lots more simply using a smartphone.

Set one of the cardio modes and let your Infinity carry out heart rate control more than 5 times per second through a wristband or a chest strap with cardio sensor. The level of motor assistance is adjusted by Infinity according to the dynamics of the heart rate.

  • The perfect mode for long rides

  • You are free to choose any fixed motor assistance you prefer to receive from Infinity e-bike

  • Speedy start at the green light for prompt movements in the city

  • Heart Rate Watt System - start training with innovative system of Infinity that adjusts the motor assistance on the basis of your heart rate

Infinity Team

Passion and commitment to take care of every single detail

Simone Aita

Co-Founder SandS Infinity

CEO Manager

Alexandra Zotova

Co-Founder SandS Infinity

Company Administrator

Piersilvio De Bartolomeis

IT Expert

Web – App designer